About Me

Welcome to my website. In March 2014 I retired from a working life in Engineering and started a new life in Photography, and the last 6 years have been an amazing journey.

When my wife Pamela and I arrived back in Adelaide from Singapore, we bought a small patch of paradise in the Adelaide hills, and have settled into this wonderful environment with enthusiasm and joy. I joined the Adelaide Camera Club and set about to further my photography through travel in Australia and overseas.

Photography is my creative and intellectual joy, constantly challenging my view of the world. I have a particular passion for wild landscapes and street portraiture, but wildlife, botanical images and the world of monochrome also excite me.

I reached a point where I want to share my photography with a wider audience, both in Australia and overseas; hence this site. I am not interested in photography for profit (although my images can be purchased), but am passionate about developing my art and communicating my vision with a wider world.

I welcome your comments, feedback and stories. There is a contact page, and comment button on the blog page. You can also visit my FB page @peterbarrien photography. Please feel free to email me also. Oh, and check out my blog page on this website – you never know your luck, there may be something new on it!

Peter Barrien


 p.s. many thanks to Shelly Birrell who constructed this website for me. She can be contacted at shelleysdesigns.com.au if you like this site.

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