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Hi and welcome to my blog. Here I intend to write either about issues and topics that capture my attention, or tell stories to mostly amuse myself, and hopefully you. Sometimes I’ll write about photography.  But often (and not too often) you’ll find musings on the world both you and I live in, told as stories or commentary.

Incidentally, if you can believe Wikipedia (and why wouldn’t you?), the word blog had its genesis on 17th December 1997, from the term “web log”, which evolved into “we blog” Exactly what time of the day this occured is not recorded.

The United States of America, should I do a garden blog and Lamb stir-fry with a tang

The United States of America and all that stuff… I, like almost all of you, looked on at the last month in the United States of America with a mixture of apallment, bewilderment,...

COVID19, Jazz and Spiced Pumpkin and Roasted Pepper Soup

Hello and welcome to my first blog for some considerable period of time. To say we are living in Interesting Times is to elevate the old apocryphal Chinese curse to new levels of...

The China Blog – 2 weeks photographing in Guilin and Huangshan

Welcome dear reader to my China blog. Due to a combination of stubborn insistence that I shall go forth and photograph, a long-held passion to see the Yellow Mountains in China,...

Pretty Pussycat, Polarisation and Refugees, the Colour Purple and a recipe for Slow-cooked Lamb

Your pretty pussycat is a killer. Everyone knows this of course, but the numbers are staggering. Feral cats in Australia are killing 377 million birds and 649 million lizards a...

Photoclubs, what is art? Plus the colour Green

PHOTOCLUBS For better or whatever I’ve hitched my wagon to the photoclub community. I’ve been a member of the Adelaide Camera Club ( for the past...

Wilderness, the colour Blue and other news

Wild Landscapes. At the opening of my Wild Landscapes exhibition in 2017 at the Heyson Academy in Hahndorf, I presented an emotive address on the importance of wild places and...

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I’d love to hear from you.  All feedback and questions are welcome!

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